A National Day of Remembrance

Hosted by Grammy award-winning singer and Former U.S. Ambassador for Health, Dionne Warwick
October 4, 2020
The National COVID-19 Remembrance will unite Americans to honor the dead and call on leaders to do more.

Stream the National COVID-19 Remembrance Here

Mother and daughter wearing masks.

Nearly 7 million confirmed U.S. cases of COVID-19 and more than 200,000 lives lost with no end in sight.

Join us to remember those who have died, to honor survivors, frontline, and essential workers, and to demand that elected officials do more to develop a national plan to combat the physical, mental, and economic threats from COVID-19.

These are our grandparents, our parents, our siblings, children, coworkers, and neighbors. We are all at risk. No one is immune from this pandemic. This crisis is not over.

October 4, 2020, Noon - 1:00 EDT
Streamed Live from The Ellipse, Washington, D.C.

Twenty-thousand empty chairs will be placed on The Ellipse to represent a fraction of the over 200,000 lives lost due to COVID-19.

Store clerk wearing face mask and shield.

Life as we know it has been disrupted.

Frontline and essential workers risk their lives every day to fight the pandemic and keep our economy and communities running. Millions of Americans are seeking unemployment help and thousands of small businesses have closed permanently. Black and brown Americans and Americans with disabilities have borne a disproportionate share of the hurt -- both in financial and physical risk. Their stories need to be centered in any conversation about how we heal.

COVID-19 has taken our jobs, our livelihoods, and our sense of security. We can't hug our grandparents, celebrate milestones, or honor loved ones lost with funerals. Everyone is yearning for a sense of normalcy. But this is not normal.

The U.S. Capital

After 6 months of national sacrifice, our elected officials need to do more.

We need a national moment of silence and a national plan of action. The National COVID-19 Remembrance will serve as a call for elected officials to take more action now to see our country through to the other side of this pandemic.

Remembering Those We’ve Lost

The National COVID-19 Memorial tribute will honor lost loved ones virtually and from the Ellipse on October 4th.

Stay informed on updates and critical actions as we move forward together.

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