On October 4th, the National COVID-19 Remembrance will hold a safe and socially-distanced event, streamed live from the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. Hosted by Grammy award-winning singer and Former U.S. Ambassador for Health, this event will remember those lost to COVID-19, honor frontline and essential workers, and demand that elected officials do more to develop a national plan for safety and recovery. The program will be streamed virtually to ensure safe participation, and made available to national media.

The event will elevate the voices of families and victims of COVID-19 from around the country and from communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Black and brown Americans, Indigenous people, and Americans with disabilities have suffered the heaviest loss of life, and the worst financial fallout. At the first National COVID-19 Remembrance, we will center their stories and drive our call to action.

Elements will include:

  • A call for a National Moment of Silence on October 4th at Noon EST. 
  • A call for community Faith leaders to remember victims and families of COVID-19 with a moment of silence in their services. 
  • Tributes featuring live and recorded performances by speakers and artists.
  • Art tribute of 20,000 empty chairs, representing a fraction of the human devastation of COVID-19, installed on the Ellipse. 
  • Memorial tribute wall where loved ones will be honored virtually and from the Ellipse.  

Event organizers are calling on the White House and Congress to do more! This pandemic isn’t over and we will not let its growing number of victims and survivors be forgotten. 

The event is led by Covid Survivors for Change, a national community of families of victims and survivors who are working together to support each other, share real-life stories so that others can better understand the potentially devastating impacts of the pandemic, and advocate for a stronger pandemic response to help save the lives of others.

They are endorsed and aided in the National COVID-19 Remembrance by COVID Memorial, Equality Forum, Faces of COVID, TheFridayMinute, Marked by COVID, Covid-19 Loss Support for Family & Friends, Pandemic of Love, The Human Rights Campaign, Survivor Corps, Covid 19 Support Group, Coronavirus Survivor Corps, Covid-19 Long Haulers Discussion Group, Tribute to Humanity

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